Brotherhood of the Blues Album Launch,Live Review,15 May 2015

Brotherhood of the Blues,Friday May 15 ,Lismore City Bowlo.

The Bowlo is Packed to capacity, something is happening here tonight, really happening.The support acts are warming up the crowd but we can see glimpses of the Brotherhood backstage getting ready for the set and I can tell you it's exciting.Finally it's time, they are introduced by a local radio presenter and strut out with a world weary swagger amongst deafening cheers and wolf whistles.They take their place on the stage and there's no beating around the bush, The three front men, Zac, John and Luke take the stage  and within seconds they have the whole crowd clapping to the beat and launch into their opener 'Uncle Blues'.My arm hairs are standing on end, the band is solid and well drilled , the singer's husky blues warbling wouldn't be out of place on a stage with muddy waters.Throughout the set the guys take turns on vocals each with their own songs and accompanying backstories.Their hour odd long set comes to an end and the crowd have not had enough.After the lights come back on the boys are mobbed by friends and new fans, total strangers are giving each other nodding glances of approval.We all witnessed something tonight. It was an electric, authentic gritty set of well crafted and honed songs but also it was real, very real .If this is just the beginning then these guys are well on their way . 4.5/5 Stars.